How to be a Real Life Flexible-Flexible Dieter!

I started tracking my food and following a "flexible dieting" lifestyle in August of 2013 when I was prepping for my wedding in November. Flexible dieting in a nutshell is, following a target amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates that will put your overall kcal in a deficit to lose weight, surplus to gain or to match your current energy expenditure to maintain. The flexible part means that as long as it "fits" within those macros, you can add foods that are typically deemed "off-limits" when dieting Read more [...]

American Open Series 1 Recap & Thoughts

Last weekend I had a chance to compete in my first National level meet in Reno, Nevada. The American Open Series is a three event series with much lower totals than the American Open finals in December. It was a good opportunity for more lifters to have the experience of lifting on a national stage. Here is a recap on my training leading up to the meet and my thoughts going forward: Originally I had planned on competing in mid-February of this year. Last year, I spent a large portion prepping Read more [...]

Protein cheesecake + how I log custom recipes accurately

I get a lot of questions about how I make my version of my protein cheesecake. I posted the recipe I follow on Instagram a few years ago and have tweaked it a little since then. I didn't create this recipe, I believe Mattie (@mattiemudblood on IG) originated the recipe. I'm posting this mostly so that I can have an easier way of finding it when I need it versus scrolling years of IG posts, lol but to also share it with anyone who has asked! Second, I'll post what I do to log custom recipes like this Read more [...]

Recap on my 2016 goals

The end of the year is once again upon us! This year I set out on four goals I wanted to achieve. I tried to simplify my list to make sure I had a fair chance at succeeding at achieving them. Here is the recap on the 4 goals I set in the start of 2016: Finish master's - DONE! I started my master's program in the fall of 2010 and between work, life, my extracurricular hobbies and so on I lost my way a few times. However, I set out to finish what I started this year and was officially done with Read more [...]

Taking a vacation during meet prep

I'm officially in the Bay Area for six days! I don't really consider a vacation but more a destination stay-cation. We will be staying with my family and mostly hanging out with them and catching up with some friends. When we are there we can get all of our training in, and lots of good eats. This shouldn't stress anyone out as you should enjoy the time with your family and friends but I am five weeks out from my next meet in a lower weight class as a 53kg. I will more than likely water load and Read more [...]