Taking a vacation during meet prep

I'm officially in the Bay Area for six days! I don't really consider a vacation but more a destination stay-cation. We will be staying with my family and mostly hanging out with them and catching up with some friends. When we are there we can get all of our training in, and lots of good eats. This shouldn't stress anyone out as you should enjoy the time with your family and friends but I am five weeks out from my next meet in a lower weight class as a 53kg. I will more than likely water load and Read more [...]

Mid-Year Progress!

Soo.. I've been MIA from the blog. I feel like this is becoming a theme of my blogging life. Anyway, I wanted to write a post about where I'm at with my weight loss goal but some other HUGE things that happened are I can finally cross finishing school OFF on my to-do list! I finally have my Masters of Science, and will be sitting for my board exam in August! Now back to the fitness-related stuff. In mid-August after my first meet of the year where I got myself down to a 58kg lifter I decided to Read more [...]

January Progress

January is when everyone decides to make new fitness and weight loss goals. I decided to get a head start in December and start my cut early but with traveling for the American Open and then home again for the holidays.. that didn't go as planned. No big shocker there but that put me in the same place as everyone else in January starting on my cut. Here is some progress for the month: (Kilo's like "WTF are you doing?") January 1st weight: 133.2lb January 31st weight 130.3lb -2.9lb difference Macros Read more [...]

Goals in 2016 – I’m still here!

So 2015 flew by and I only wrote one blog post! I apologize. Life gets in the way sometimes (all of the time). Like in my 2015 goals I hope to be more active with blogging in 2016. I didn't hit many of my goals in 2015 but it doesn't mean I had a terrible year. I have a few personal goals this year across all aspects of my life. I'll keep it simple by listing the major ones that I can touch on again, so here they are: Finish master's - This has been a LONG process for me personally. Mostly my Read more [...]

2014 recap//2015 goals & aspirations

2014 was a challenging year that came and went in the blink of an eye! A lot of changes but can't say they weren't a learning experience. Here is a recap of my 2014, and what I'm shooting for in 2015! On New Year's Day, I moved about 85 miles north and my husband about 175 miles north to finally live together and start a new life in a new area. A week after settling in, I started a new job with a new agency. Mid January we finally go the Corgi we had been dreaming about for years! Ok maybe Read more [...]