Why I stopped eating a “clean” Paleo diet

My introduction to the Paleo diet came around the time I started CrossFit in December of 2010. I wasn't new to exercise or eating healthy, so a diet comprised of things I perceived as "healthy" already (meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds) seemed interesting. I saw girls like Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and wanted to be just as fit and strong as her. I figured if I ate the way most CrossFitters did I could achieve this by increasing the quality of my food.  I started on my 2+ year path of eating Read more [...]

Bacon Arugula Chicken “Sandwiches”

Don't get too excited. This is not a sandwich with some weird, dry paleo-bread substitute. Who wants to eat that stuff anyway? Don't be scared to eat this thing with your hands caveman/cavegirl style, but we won't completely hate you if you eat it with a fork and knife. :) Bacon Arugula Chicken "Sandwiches" 4 chicken breasts (Organic & Free-Range is recommended) 6 cups arugula 4 slices of nitrate-free bacon Julienne-cut sundried tomatoes in olive oil (about half a jar) 1 tablespoon Read more [...]

Watermelon Pops!

I love Summer, especially here in SoCal. Summer is when I decided and made a public announcement via Facebook that I had no plans on returning to Northern California (much to my family's dismay). Not that I do anything super exciting here in the summer on a regular basis but the sun and the weather just put me in a great mood. I mean, how can you be down when it's beautiful outside on a regular basis? One of my favorite things about summer is watermelon. Seriously, I LOVE watermelon and it just Read more [...]

Ice Baths: More Hype Than Help?

Many CrossFit athletes (and sports superstars, celebrities, you name it) swear by the ice bath, or cold water immersion as it’s called in the exercise science community, as one of the most effective recovery strategies.  With the prevalence of elite CrossFitters endorsing this practice, you would hardly think there is any controversy surrounding this practice but think again.  While athletes who espouse the benefits of ice baths on recovery seemingly have plenty of anecdotal evidence to support Read more [...]