2014 recap//2015 goals & aspirations

2014 was a challenging year that came and went in the blink of an eye! A lot of changes but can’t say they weren’t a learning experience. Here is a recap of my 2014, and what I’m shooting for in 2015!

  • On New Year’s Day, I moved about 85 miles north and my husband about 175 miles north to finally live together and start a new life in a new area. A week after settling in, I started a new job with a new agency.
  • Mid January we finally go the Corgi we had been dreaming about for years! Ok maybe not years but for a long time! Kilo joined us from Missouri.


  • In March I competed in my first USAW meet! I competed as a 58kg and hit 51/62 for a total of 113kg.
  • In April I got my first ring muscle up!


  • In May I successfully cut to 53kg and competed in my second USAW meet. I hit 53/64 for a total of 117kg.
  • In June my husband opened his CrossFit affiliate – CrossFit Gravis.


  • In August I decided to bulk for the first time. I wanted to give myself a physical & mental break from dieting while putting on some mass while also hopefully getting stronger.
  • In August I did my third USAW meet. This time I went 58kg again, weighing in 56kg the day of. I hit 57/65 for a total of 122kg.


  • In September I took on a full time supervisory position at my job, taking on an increased work load. This bumped my work from about 30 hours to 40-45, which also pushed my mainly to AM sessions.
  • On November 1, I had a minor back injury/sprain from squatting. This put me out of my normal lifting routine for most of the month.

PRs in 2014:

Squat 190lb – 203lb

Front Squat 163lb – 183lb

Deadlift – 255lb – 283lb

Snatch 54kg (118lb) – 61kg (134.2lb)

Clean & Jerk 63kg (138.6lb) – 68kg (149.6lb)

Power Snatch – 93lb – 50kg (110lb)

Power Clean – 123lb – 133lb

Max strict pull ups 8 – 13

Muscle up & Bar muscle up

2015 goals

  • My #1 main goal is to finally finish my thesis. I’ve put this off for multiple reasons but at the end of the day the only person responsible for this is myself. GET IT DONE.
  • Get back to 53kg range. I’m in no rush to get there but I want to happen this year. I want to also make sure my strength stays where it’s at or improves.
  • Squat 100kg, front squat 90kg, snatch 65kg and clean and jerk 75kg.
  • Compete in at least 2 USAW meets. Hit a total of 135kg.
  • Save at least 7% of my income. Don’t ask me where I came up with that number but it seems like a reasonable amount.
  • Take a vacation with my husband. We put off a honeymoon to make plans to move and start his business. It will be nice to get out and go somewhere!
  • Blog more! At least 2x a month 🙂
  • Get Corgi #2!

What are your goals for this New Year?






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