Who We Are

Booty Shorts & Knee Socks is a collaboration between Kimberly and Trina, two girls who are passionate about CrossFit, nutrition, and living a healthy lifestyle.  Self-proclaimed “CrossFit nerds,” we are committed to constantly striving to learn all we can in the pursuit of elite fitness and spreading that knowledge to the community.


Booty Shorts & Knee Socks began as a joke about our “SoCal standard” uniform of booty shorts and knee socks that, besides being our go-to WOD outfit, is extremely popular among lady CrossFitters throughout the community.  So, we happily adopted the nicknames Bootyshorts (Kimberly) and Kneesocks (Trina) as we continued to rock our favorite look in all its colorful and sometimes obnoxious glory. We began a facebook page and started posting photos of our latest booty short and knee sock combos simply for our own amusement but, to our surprise, we started a small following.  Eventually we realized that we could use this outlet as an opportunity to formalize our personal research and passion for improving our performance in the gym and in life.  And, even better, we could share what we discover with friends, fellow CrossFitters, or anyone who is interested in reading for that matter!