My fitness experience started in college when my roommate convinced me to join a 24 Hour Fitness. I had no idea what I  was doing but I found comfort in going to group classes and being told what to do. About a year later I needed a new part-time job so I started working at the front desk of a high traffic 24 Hour Fitness in Sacramento. I loved all the cardio classes like Spin and Turbo Kick and got certified to teach Turbo Kick. I lacked the confidence to get out there and teach so I stayed a student for the duration of my time in Sacramento. I also got a job working as an aide providing one on one behavioral therapy to children diagnosed with intellectual disabilities and autism. After graduation I moved back to the Bay Area, I also continued to work in the Applied Behavior Analysis field full time and still wanted to keep my free gym membership so I transferred to a local 24. That club wasn’t as busy and working front desk proved to be super mind-numbing. I finally got the guts to approach some instructors of classes I was attending and talk to them about my interest in teaching. They let me teach here and there and I finally got on my own and started teaching my own classes! I did that for about three years in addition to my full time job, and also trained for a full marathon and some half marathons somewhere in there.

In 2010, I moved to LA county to further my education for my career. I subbed a few classes here and there but the vibe was different than I was used to. I had a hard time continuing to run for the full I was training for in October of that year and just working out in general with my work and school schedule. I’m not really sure how I knew about CrossFit but I did and it seemed appealing to me. I googled CrossFit and took a free class at the first gym that popped up. I knew it was what I needed in my life and signed up for on-ramp right away and trained there for a year. I loved the workouts but I especially loved the community and the friends I made. I was hooked! I switched gyms after a year in an attempt to be more competitive at a more competitor-driven affiliate, and this is when my real love for Olympic Weightlifting was developed.

Fast forward to 2013, I got married to my best friend who I met through CrossFit related circumstances in 2011. We both met because of a shared interest in a sport even though we are more weightlifters than anything now.

Today, my husband owns a CrossFit affiliate/USAW club. I work full time and am still in the process of finishing my education. Life gets in the way sometimes but I definitely plan on finishing even if it takes me a while. My main sport is weightlifting with some CrossFit sprinkled in here and there. I get in my training where I can and definitely have a busy schedule. I try my best to make it work, I am a firm believer in hard work in any aspect of life. I hope to provide some insight on nutrition, training, and maybe just some random thoughts of mine. 🙂