Ain’t About That Cut Life (for now)

Yeah you heard me. I said it. I ain’t about that cut life! Not because I’m completely lazy or a complete fat ass (which trust me I feel like both sometimes, the latter most of the time) but I’m actually purposely bulking. I am hoping I’ll make some decent strength gains, but for me personally there are more reasons to why I decided to put the cut life on hold in August and go deep into the bulk life. Here are my current reasons why:

  • Gainz – I mentioned this earlier and it’s kind of a double-edged sword for me. I hate when people say things like “mass moves mass” or “the only way to get strong is to get bigger” because that implies that you can’t be smaller and strong. There are plenty of VERY strong smaller people and when I started dropping weight with flexible dieting I maintained and even got my snatch and clean & jerk up a little. However, I’ve spent the majority of the year as a 58kg or lighter and even though my lifting is okay, I wouldn’t mind some bigger lifts, and a bigger butt wouldn’t be bad 2
  • To make cutting easier – In May I competed as a 53kg. I was around 55kg in the start of the week and spent the whole week water loading and dehydrating myself to a piece of human beef jerky to make weight. It was one of those scenarios where my type A bitchy-competitiveness kicked in and I knew if I started to cut I was going to make weight no matter what. I don’t think this is the best strategy to cutting, and it definitely was not fun or easy. I still PR’ed my competition total that day, but my lifting didn’t feel amazing either. I was eating around 125 carbs which wasn’t that fun to me. I want to make 53kg again but I want to make it much less miserable. More food to take away from = less miserable cutting season.
  • No specific event or meet or competition to be lean for – I wanted to make a real run for American Open this year but that didn’t happen, and with the changes in qualification I got a little discouraged. That was the only specific thing I may have needed to be a certain weight for. Since I have no specific event that requires me to weigh a certain amount, I don’t think it’s necessary to stay at lower macros to maintain a lighter body weight.
  • Holidays – From the start of my CrossFit/weightlifting life in 2010, since I started I can’t remember a holiday season where I didn’t go “off plan” and eat lots of good stuff and then feel guilty about it. Paleo first ruined my mentality about food, and this carries over to holidays. Last year we got married in November so we did have a decent amount of cheat type foods during the holidays, but for me it still wasn’t without guilt. This year I want to enjoy the holidays and everything delicious it has to offer, end of story. Also, I notice plenty of people try to get “stricter” on their diets around the holidays, then binge and feel terrible about it. Then the New Year rolls and everyone eats “clean”. No thanks.
  • Life – As much as I love lifting & food, I have other things that keep me busy: I started a new position working 40+ hours a week, in the process of starting my thesis, helping my husband with what I can with his gym, a fairly young (and crazy) dog, etc. Some will call this lazy, but having a looser approach to counting macros and having a large amount of macros every day is just less stressful for me.
  • Confident that I can lose weight – I’ve done it before so I am pretty confident I can do it again. Being that my body isn’t under the stress of eating under maintenance, I’m also confident that my metabolism will work in a decent manner, and that I will be able to cut when I am ready to.

I’m not knocking those of you who are cutting. If you are cutting for a specific event or competition, then I wish you the best of luck! For me right now, it’s not that high of a priority. I’ll be back into the cut life someday, but right now I’m taking a much needed break. 🙂

Left is when I competed as 53kg (weighed in around 52.95), Right competed 58kg (Weighed in 56kg)
Left is when I competed as 53kg (weighed in around 52.95), Right competed 58kg (Weighed in 56). Right now the number I’m mostly concerned with is seeing my lifts go up and possibly hitting the 300g mark!


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