January Progress

January is when everyone decides to make new fitness and weight loss goals. I decided to get a head start in December and start my cut early but with traveling for the American Open and then home again for the holidays.. that didn’t go as planned. No big shocker there but that put me in the same place as everyone else in January starting on my cut. Here is some progress for the month:

progress1 progress2

(Kilo’s like “WTF are you doing?”)

January 1st weight: 133.2lb

January 31st weight 130.3lb

-2.9lb difference

Macros (as of 1/7/16):

Training Day: 45f/165c/125p

Rest Day: 45f/115c/125p

Refeed (1x per week): 40-45f/250c/125p


3-4 days weightlifting

1-2 days of accessory/bodybuilding work

1-2 HIIT workouts (5-10 intervals)

1-2 MISS workouts (30-40 minute steady state cardio for 225-250 cal)

1-2 full rest days

I didn’t take measurements at the start of the month but I’m going to try to get better with that. A decent amount of change and happy overall. With this cut I’m trying to practice more “flexibility” with my flexible diet/lifestyle. That means if I go over a few macros here or there not panicking. Also not letting myself get TOO upset when my training isn’t perfect. Last week of the month my lovely Aunt Flo decided to drop in so I think I may have pushed this whole flexible lifestyle thing giving in probably 5/7 days going over. So with that being said I’m happy to not have gone all the way back to the starting point. My lowest weight for the month was at 129.2lb, so coming off my cycle my weight isn’t too far off which makes me feel that I’m headed in the right direction even with a few mishaps on my diet.


(Top graph is daily weight. Did spike up towards the last week but I’m confident it’ll be headed back down as long as I get consistent with my diet again starting today. Also the overall average for the month dropped significantly which I’m happy about!)

Here are some of the positives and things I want to improve on in the upcoming month:


  • Even with almost a week going over, diet didn’t fluctuate all the way back to starting point.
  • I aim for 4 days of cardio but most weeks ended up doing only 3, and still went down a decent amount of body weight.
  • Introduction of a refeed which I think is helping me stay the course of my diet knowing that I can anticipate a high carb day coming once a week.

To Improve:

  • Boredom/Lady hormone snacking got the best of me. I want to come more prepared to work with things to eat throughout the day so I’m not left wanting to go to yogurtland on my lunch break.
  • SLEEP! My sleep has been a little off lately – possibly due to training super early on some days where my work days also start early and go super late. I want to improve on this area in the upcoming month.

I’m excited to get February started on a positive note! Hope your first month of the year went well!


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