Mid-Year Progress!

Soo.. I’ve been MIA from the blog. I feel like this is becoming a theme of my blogging life. Anyway, I wanted to write a post about where I’m at with my weight loss goal but some other HUGE things that happened are I can finally cross finishing school OFF on my to-do list! I finally have my Masters of Science, and will be sitting for my board exam in August!

Now back to the fitness-related stuff. In mid-August after my first meet of the year where I got myself down to a 58kg lifter I decided to get help from Alessandra (@fitgirlmoves on IG) with my macros. I’m by far no flexible dieting noob, but I wanted some help with numbers to make my next drop to 53kg, as well as someone to keep me rational and on track when there are fluctuations in weight. As of July 2nd, I’m sitting at 55.9kg.

April - July 1 progress

Side Progress

(Left photo was from first check-in with Alessandra on April 21 and right is from most recent check in on July 2nd)


(Top graph is the daily view to show daily fluctuations. Bottom is the monthly average for the past year)

My next meet is scheduled for August 27th. I have a lot of things going on with work and my career and studying for the board exam so I want to maintain my sanity and balance all components of my life while dieting. We will be taking a trip to the Bay Area at the end of July. I plan on documenting how I’m going to stay (somewhat) on track while also enjoying some good eats and time with friends and family. What goals have you achieved so far in 2016?



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