Taking a vacation during meet prep

I’m officially in the Bay Area for six days! I don’t really consider a vacation but more a destination stay-cation. We will be staying with my family and mostly hanging out with them and catching up with some friends. When we are there we can get all of our training in, and lots of good eats. This shouldn’t stress anyone out as you should enjoy the time with your family and friends but I am five weeks out from my next meet in a lower weight class as a 53kg. I will more than likely water load and cut the week of, but that doesn’t mean I’m still not going into this trip with some level of stress about making weight and sticking in line with my goals. Since I am in meet prep, my macros are fairly low and I do anticipate that I will go over on most days while I’m here.

Prior to our trip I did a check in with our last trip up here where we ate a decent amount of food and kept training consistent. In four days I was up 5 pounds which came off by the following Saturday. I’m hoping this holds true this time as well, but I do have a plan for enjoying my time here while also not straying too far (hopefully) from where I need to be going into my meet on August 27th. Here it is:

My weight today was consistent at 121.9lb/55.4kg, even post-grilled cheese at 2am after driving up here.

Do I have abs in the natty lighting? Nope still no abs.
Do I have abs in the natty lighting? Nope still no abs.


  • My training will stay as scheduled. Luckily we have friends who own gyms and a lot of access to great gyms that we can drop into.
  • I try to do 2-3 cardio sessions a week even though I have been recently slacking on this. My parents have a treadmill so I can do some HIIT sprints and we also have access on a military base gym that we will probably visit so that Jay can get his training in.


  • For the earlier portion of the day, I will still implement some amount of fasting (maybe until 10am or when I’m hungry)
  • I’m going to try to keep my meals earlier in the day comprised of lean protein such as chicken, egg whites, lean beef and lots of veggies. I’ll try to consume around 60%-75% of my protein intake going into dinner.
  • I’m going to continue drinking at least a gallon of water/day.
  • If we go out to dinner, I’ll probably keep this as a “free meal”. This doesn’t mean an all out, no-fucks given “cheat meal” (have I mentioned I HATE that term?) but I’ll make decent choices, eat in moderation, and enjoy what I’m eating!
  • This will be somewhat hard but since we love ice cream and dessert, I’ll try to maybe sometimes share my dessert with Jay (keyword: try).


  • I’m going to keep my NEAT as high as possible. The good thing about when we are here, the majority of places we go to (restaurants, the gym, etc) require street parking so we end up walking a decent amount. I’ll probably aim to hit around 13k steps/day.
  • My parents have a pool so if the weather permits, I’m going to work on evening out my farmer’s tan and also get some swimming in.

Thats my plan for now. I have a lot of studying to catch up on as well so I think that’ll also keep me busy while we are here. I’ll post a wrap-up and check in with how my plan went after we are home!




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